In the statement of entry you will find the closing day up to which the results will be available. Most of the results in paper based exams are released 4 weeks after the date of the written part of the exams. In the next two weeks any remaining results will be released as well. In the computer based exams most of the results are announced 3 weeks after the exam date and one more week is needed for any remaining results.

Foreign Language Schools and Private Schools have access to their candidates’ results through the Preparation Centres Website. Provide your email to register to this webpage and you will receive the login details.

Individual candidates have access to their results through the Candidate Website. They can use the login details printed on the statement of entry  and they will be informed through email about the release of the results.

The Candidate Website can be as well used by candidates who have registered for the exams through Foreign Language Schools or Private Schools.

The certificates will be sent to the Foreign Language Schools or to the Private Schools for all candidates who registered for an exam through them. The certificates for individual candidates will be sent to the address provided in their registration form.

From January 2015, Cambridge English has started using a new way of reporting results for their exams that will provide you with more detailed information about exam performance. Please visit The Cambridge English Scale for further information.