Hellenic English Council has been conducting exams since 2004 on the basis of offering high quality services and ensuring the integrity of exams.

From January 2016 HEC has been the only Cambridge English Exams Centre that has been upgraded to an open center. This is the second distinction for our centre, after the one in 2013, when Cambridge English upgraded Hec to a Platinum Exams Centre.

It has been a great honour for our Centre, as Cambridge has chosen HEC between the 11 Closed Examinations Centres in Greece, to upgrade it initially to a Platinum Centre and afterwards to an Open Centre, taking into consideration the high quality services offered.

Choosing HEC to take an exam ensures the following:

  • Exams are conducted in luxurious hotels or schools meeting all the requirements of Cambridge English in conditions of comfort and high quality for the students and their parents.
  • Personal contact with the staff of our centre for any queries related to the exams
  • Ongoing support and solutions to any possible issues without extra charges.
  • Attendance of a quite useful and interesting seminar, related to the exams. (available for FCE for schools & CPE levels).